25 January 2008

Something to do as we await the posting of official news

Take the Which Jane Austen Character are You? (For Females) Quiz and post your results.

My closest match was to Elizabeth Bennett, who as we all know is the heroine of what may very well be the best novel of all time, Austen's Pride and Prejudice. Woo-hoo!

Looks like that site has a gazillion quizzes, one of which is titled, "Which mythological creature are you?" I didn't take it, but I suspect that if Gauntlets' eldest took it, she might be a pegicorn? (Assuming that the quiz is advanced enough to list such a creature).


Gauntlets said...

I scored as Elinor Dashwood, which makes me happy as SnS is my favorite of the Austin novels. I am not, however, all that sure of the results. I think I'm more like that weird girl from PnP . . . what was her name? The moody thing that disapproved of dancing?

Gauntlets said...

Girl1 did indeed score as a unicorn, which is close enough in her book. Oh, happy day.

Reb. Mary said...

Perhaps you're thinking of Charlotte?...but, oh, dear, I'm sure Rev. Gauntlets is nothing like Charlotte's dear parson Mr. Collins!! Hee hee.

Yeah, I'm not terribly sure of the results either, since I had some next closest matches that were characters rather unlike Lizzy's. But it was one of the more amusing ways that I've lately wasted 10 minutes, anyhow.

Gauntlets said...

Dear parson Collins. We really enjoyed the way that one actor, ole what's-his-name, portrayed Collins in the movie. Ha! I laugh just thinking about it!

But not Charlotte. The dark sister, all morose and stuff? Erm . . .ah . . . what's-her-name? I'll Google around: Austin character what's-her-name. Sure to come up. :)

Reb. Mary said...

Ah...the bookish Mary, of course.

Rebekah said...

didn't do the quiz but i know who i'd be--that horrible mom in persuasion who's always complaining about how the babies keep her from having any fun and pushing them off on virtuous little what's her name. i got a big kick out of her. especially when the one kid got hurt and she was too traumatized to take care of him. lol!