21 January 2008

First Annual CSPP Conference

The Concordian Sisters of Perpetual Parturition announce the first annual Conference of the same, to be held concurrently with the Concordia Catechetical Academy Symposium on Catechesis. Agenda items include:

--Chasing babies around
--Asking strangers to constrain escaping babies while Reb. Mary and Rebekah are stuck nursing
--Conducting recon on vehicles of families who have been at this longer than we have
--Thinking, "Do you think we'll end up with that many?"
--Telling the babies, "No one is swimming until Dad gets back. You think I'm getting in a swimming suit? Don't ask again."
--Letting the babies watch TV for once!!!!! Lying on the bed while they do it!
--Taking shameless advantage of Reb. Mary's gracious local connections
--Talking about how no one slept last night since one or more babies in each family can't sleep anywhere other than home
--Joyfully taking the babies to at least one church service where they can see an entire congregation behaving with proper liturgical decorum.
--Muttering about how the string section at said service is lovely but it sure blocks the exit when the baby starts screaming
--Hovering anxiously outside the door at the Kevin Voss presentation on contraception, straining to hear what's going on inside
--Eating LOTS of that potato salad at the Augsburger barbecue
--Having either not enough sunscreen or not enough sweatshirts at the Augsburger barbecue

Keynote address: Oldest Gauntlet baby on the topic of Pegacorns
Response: Mother of the Gauntlets about how we've all heard enough on this topic


Registration not required. Look for us at a local playground or somewhere in the seething mass of women and children outside the main ballroom. We will be unwashed.


Gauntlets said...


I CANNOT wait.

elephantschild said...

Every. Single. Year. I want to go to CCA, and every. single. year. I can't.

WAAAAAAAAAAAA. I want more disposable income! WAAAAAAAAAAAAA.

Reb. Mary said...

What an agenda!

And I can just see us bursting into the KV seminar in a full-fledged baby-train-wreck if things go too far south...remember, I'll still be officially rather, ah, postpartum at that point, and hence even more unstable than usual. The poor man doesn't have a chance.

I'm going to email my relatives tonight with the dates so they can already start mobilizing their childcare etc. services. Any special requests? :)

Rebekah said...

EC, I feel for you, because the potato salad is seriously worth the cost of admission.

RM, I haven't looked at the schedule that closely yet to determine exactly how much time we'll have to kill. I'll bug you about it when this baby has stopped crowding my brain so much.

Gauntlets said...

I say we organize the baby-train wreck. HA! Please? I really want to see that.