24 January 2008

What to do when you find a healthy plant growing in your sink

1. Ignore it for at least another week.

2. Remember that people from church are going to be running the house all day tomorrow and since you're going to have to make sure the sink is empty for once, they might notice it.

3. Look around for help.

4. Notice cute little pot with thumbprint ladybugs on it which you received for Mother's Day from preschooler, and that the marigold which once grew in it is beyond mostly dead.

5. Pick dead marigold and throw it away (make sure you do this BEFORE summoning children).

6. Summon children and tell them we're doing a science lesson.

7. Carefully remove seedling from nutrient-rich growth medium in sink drain.

8. Note with children that it looks like this is a pumpkin seed. Note privately that the last time a pumpkin was in the house was November. Talk about how the seed split and a little plant with two special leaves is growing out of it. Get a spoon, dig a hole in the cute little pot of dirt, and plant the seedling. Put cute little pot back in the windowsill and tell the kids it's their job to remind you to water it.

9. Congratulate yourself for giving your children a better life than you had. You were in 7th grade before you ever heard the word "dicotyledon," for crying out loud.

10. Share this important information on your blog. Intend to post a photo, but remember that there are no batteries in the camera or anywhere in the house, which always happens right before you have a new baby.

1 comment:

Reb. Mary said...

Just think--it could've been an *unhealthy* plant growing in your sink. So you really do have a great deal to congratulate yourself on here. Too bad the stuff that grows in the bathroom doesn't make quite as cute of a science lesson---eewww---

Eagerly (anxiously yet confidently and prayerfully!) awaiting tomorrow's news...We're cheering for you! And we expect to hear all the gory details eventually, so you might as well make 'em good and gory :)