21 January 2008

Book, Recommended

EldestChild and I have been reading Mary Poppins, by P. L. Travers. Get it. Read it to the small ones. You won't be sorry. Each chapter has enough fantasy mixed with snooty nanny mixed with raspberry tarts to keep the children in make believe for hours.

And it's nothing, nothing, nothing like this.


Rebekah said...

I read an article about Travers once and it was really interesting; she was some kind of nut job and was super ticked at Walt Disney for what he did to her book! Thanks for the recommendation. Keep them coming because I hate getting stuck in the middle of a stupid book.

Gauntlets said...

Actually, the book is more like that YouTube clip than that ridiculous Disney adaptation. It is definitely this side of dark, but just a bit so. Not as dark as Dahl, but definitely not DisneyPooh. There's a rather drawn out chapter involving a Hamadryad that outlines some very purposeful Eastern Thought. Meh. We just cry, "Myth!" and shrug it off. The writing is solid, the fantasy is sudden and playful, and girl1 is getting some really good mileage out of the story.

As for recommending more: You know where that might get you. ;)