02 January 2008


does the volume of liquid always seem so much greater on the floor than it did in the cup?

I know, I know, surface area and all that. But still.


elephantschild said...

The volume of a spilled liquid increases proportionally to the sugar content of the liquid and the staining capabilities of the same.

It's the same reason you'll manage to catch nearly every glass of water, but any and all grape juice will be spilt while you're in the bathroom. If the glass was full, the children will have time to start painting with the juice before you emerge from your morning ablutions.

Gauntlets said...

I would say that the chances of a liquid spilling also increases exponentially with the cost per ounce.

My imps have spilled so much milk that I'm considering fashioning a straw that reaches from their seats to the floor. And good luck to them.