18 January 2008

I'd like to know

what that floating baby over there on the side is going to have to say for himself days-to-go-wise tomorrow? And has anyone else noticed how if you scroll down fast they both go running back into their little bubbles and start floating around innocently as if they haven't been off doing who knows what when we left them alone in cyberspace?

Anyway. My doc and I have agreed to go in after him a week from today if he still hasn't made his appearance by then, which is exactly what happened with the last baby. She's cool with my no pitocin and minimal interference rules (worked great with #3--broke my water at 41 weeks and it was all over 3 1/2 hours later without any other manipulation). Although we'd still prefer to go on Baby's schedule, it was nice not to have to make a bunch of panicked calls to the gracious parishioners who have volunteered their services in the middle of the night last time. So we'll see what happens, and then interrogate 3 and 4 as to what's so great about the place now since the older two made no attempts to overstay their welcome.


Rebekah said...

"1 DAYS TO GO" indeed. Hmpf.

Gauntlets said...

Yeah, isn't that nice? I waited anxiously to see what would become of my baby3 ticker way back ten long months ago and got the same disappointment. You'd think they could at least substitute in fireworks? Or put a little hat on the baby's head? or something? Really.

Reb. Mary said...

Hey--at least it didn't start over altogether. Now that might get a bit discouraging...

Ooh, speaking of little hats--I do love those little newborns' hospital hats!

As someone who's 2 for 2 in going over the due date, I assure you that my condolences are quite sincere.

And yes, flee pitocin! Flee it like the evil plague that it is!

Gauntlets said...

But it will start counting UP. *duu daaaa duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum!*

I've been stuck full of pitocin for all three of my deliveries. As much as I hate it I'm starting to wonder if I can deliver without it. Between all the Bradley-esque rhetoric floating about my digestion and my real-life experiences I'm one confused pup.

Next L&D, I plan to punch people who approach with a needle in hand. Perhaps the activity and the adrenaline will serve to replicate the pitocin and I'll go on to have a wonderful delivery experience. Yes?

Reb. Mary said...

I'm personally convinced that I'll never actually go into labor on my own either. But my doc here had some much kinder, gentler approach than the one in St. Louis who ordered pitocin for me *over the phone* with Baby One, apparently not being sufficiently interested to show up in person at the hospital at 5 am on a Sunday when my water broke and nothin' else happened.

Punching anyone who approaches with pitcoin seems like a very practical approach to me. As does declining drug orders given over the phone like that.

Rebekah said...

Over the phone?! Nice.

Gauntlets, I can't believe they stuck you on 2. You practically had that baby in front of me. ???

Gauntlets said...

Stuck me and how. I am nuclear war on the inside, but come baby time all I can do is moan "wwwwhhhhyyyyyyyyy" while they pat me on the head and slide those needles right in. All sheepie meekness, that's me. Anyone with any advice on standing up for yourself when you'd rather curl up and blow away?

As for over the phone: Just who do these people think they are? And what exactly do they think they're doing? Man.