22 July 2009

Usage you can use: offensive language

Vulgarity: offensive language of a scatological nature or pertaining to the body in non-sexual context. If a farmer uses it, he is likely to be doing so literally.

Obscenity: offensive language of a sexual nature.

Profanity: offensive language of a religious nature. Considered blasphemy by religious adherents. Words sometimes considered profane may be used literally by religious adherents in religious context.

Some words considered offensive may be applied to fit more than one category, but context normally indicates into which category a particular usage fits.

Please note, if a mother describes frankly what she had to get out of the carpet after some clever child escaped his diaper, she has not used profanity or obscenity. (Mothers are basically farmers.)


Dakotapam said...

And this is the discussion that mothers and fathers of four sons often have at the dinner table. We often have to explain that vulgarity is not allowed in our home, since none are farmers. I am glad to know that I am now excused, I was done trying to find euphemisms. I feel like a farmer some days. Or maybe the cow, not sure which.

Rebekah said...

False dichotomy there on the point about farmers and cows. :P

If it's cute, poop is an appropriate word. For those times when it's not so cute, why lie?

Theophil Jones said...

We use an "ethnic" word which is vulgar for adults to use but sounds oh so cute coming from a bulbous-headed two year old boy.

Can a word be ethnic?