07 July 2009

Superfluous rant

I can’t help hating the ubiquity of the word ubiquitous, even though I can’t seem to help using it, ubiquitously.


Rebekah said...

I'm sick of things being refreshing.

Gauntlets said...

Less refreshing but just as ubiquitous is "pop." As in, "That color really pops!" As in, "I watch that house decorating network!"

Much like "yummo" = "I watch Rachel Ray! And I think saying obnoxious things will make me look cute, too!"

Look, I'm just saying.

MooreMama said...

Hey! I use yummo, and I don't have time to watch Rachel Ray. And I'm cute without saying obnoxious things.... or is that in spite of...?

Gauntlets said...

MM: You're cute de facto. I, on the other hand, am merely obnoxious. ;)