14 July 2009

Are you strong enough?

Got to keep the bills down low
Helps the parish love us so
Pregnant, do you understand?
Are you strong enough to be my fan?

No AC, I'm all a-sweat
Unclothed as I care to get
Swelling up since May began
Are you strong enough to be my fan?

Internally combusting all day long
Basal temps confirm my song
I'm melting like a cheap-o crayon
Are you strong enough to be my fan?

Walmart fan, blast out that air
End my climatic despair
Would you try and cool me if you can?
Would you be FAN ENOUGH to be my fan?


Rosie said...

Ha! You make me laugh.

Gauntlets said...


Get one of the older of the small ones to spray you with water while you sit under that fan. And another to scare the flies away. And why not wear some charcoal about the eyes, too.

Sarah D said...

You are so cool.

Marie said...

Hilarious! Thanks!

Dakotapam said...

Move to North Dakota...it is not even summer here yet...not that I'm complaining...but my kids are!

lisa said...

Sounds good, I prefer the remix ;)
I hear the club mix is even better, "He was Man enough to be my Lamb." They're playing it over at Cafe Jesus, vicar on bass.


Reb. Mary said...

Great, except that I've been humming the dang thing for the last 2 days :D