09 July 2009

I don't know whether to feel happy or hurt

about the two-year-old seeking comfort from her big sister over me. When the toddler bangs her big melon head or stumbles into the wall, she runs straight for the Big Girl, who administers the necessary kisses and coos. This isn't all bad: my new baby is really sad most of the time, making my one hand full and my other hand busy. The toddler needs her imaginary bumps magicked away by someone, and I'm glad my girls are close. But I'm also a bit jealous of my magic; it's hard to see someone else using it in my stead, even if that someone is my oldest child.

It's the burden of many babies, I guess. Some are shoved out of the lap before they're fully ready. Then again, my children will have each other a lot longer than they'll have me (DV). Better they learn to diversify their emotional portfolios young.


Rebekah said...

This is getting more common around here too. But I'm a cold-hearted snake and encourage it.

Monique said...

Oh dear Gauntlets I can so relate. Yes, I agree this is the burden of mothers with many babies. Our five are so close together, inevitably a new baby was born when another was still in diapers. It’s disheartening when your hands are literally “full” and you simply cannot attend to someone. Those are really hard days around here. Some would argue this means we’ve had too many too fast. Some days I just don’t know. At those moments I simply do the only thing I can do, I pray. I call out to our Heavenly Father and I ask that He would console them for me. That He would comfort them since at that moment I cannot.

If I can offer any encouragement to you it would be this. Your daughter learned how to love and comfort her sister by watching you. She learned how to be sensitive and tender by seeing you every day. When I watch my 7 yr. old daughter I marvel at how mature and compassionate she is. I think it’s remarkable that at such a young age she can calm the crying baby by patting it’s bottom and whispering in the same manner I do. I think children who grow up in large families are some of the most considerate and unselfish people I know.

Gauntlets said...

Rebekah: :D

Monique: Thanks. :) It's good to know this is a common phenomenon.

Reb. Mary said...

I'd be happy if mine would just stop hurting each other...Sigh.