02 July 2009

Schlaf in himmlischer Ruh

From Pastor Alms a while back (read it, then forgot it, then remembered again):
What Christian parents teach in prayers for bedtime is courage, bravery in the face of the darkest foe. It is not an empty bravado that such parents pass along. No, it is a solemn strength that grows from faith in Christ and issues itself in prayer. Such prayer instills a way of looking at death that is rooted in Christ’s victory, a way that passes all understanding and is outside all we feel in our flesh: that to die in the faith is just like falling asleep. You close your eyes and you go to be with Jesus and soon you will wake up. All the family will be there, all your brothers and sisters, and it will be morning and there will be breakfast and the day that never ends will be just beginning.
Bedtime really wears me out, especially on nights when Dad isn't home. I just want to get everybody down and get out. Kicking the baby away from the toilet while I'm brushing all the rest of the teeth puts me in a bad mood, and I hate putting the kids to bed that way. Relax, self. There's no hurry, and this matters. Get it right.

Seriously, kid. It's NIGHT.

Full article here, although it's been a little balky about loading for me. Hit refresh if it doesn't work the first time.


Reb. Mary said...

I have this talk with myself often. (Sometimes, I even listen.)

lisa said...

How do other moms handle the bedtime crying to coodle with mommy that often borders on indulgence?

I love bedtime and prayers. I even like post-prayer cuddling. But, how have you guys dealt with the crying and nagging that often follows when enough is enough.

(PS - "Just turning out the light" is an acceptable reply...but some elaboration or examples would be fabulous).

Also - since I'm on this topic...
How do you handle bedtime on vacation in the homes of relatives?

Our daughter has her own room and sharing a room on vacation has morphed into a sick nightmare.. :(

Gauntlets said...

I find daunting the truth that everything we as parents do is somehow reflective of eternal realities. I like that it's true, and I'm really honored to be made a part of the whole process. . . but . . . couldn't I be made a bit more perfect so as to pull it off?

Maybe just a bit perfect? Heck, I'll settle for just a touch improved.

Rebekah said...

Lisa, I guess we're lucky that everyone is pretty clear that bedtime is bedtime around here. We put in a CD for the kids to give them a little transition from human interaction to settling down.

Our last vacation was literally a sick nightmare for two of our kids, and so also for us and our friend Gauntlets who quietly cleaned up a lot of mess without telling me. I hate, hate, hate traveling with kids. Absolutely miserable for everyone, or everyone who bothers to notice. :P

lisa said...

I guess that really does get to the heart of the matter. Our daughter used to be very clear about bedtime...sigh. I guess it does come back to our kids being rotten bc we're rotten then? ;)