08 July 2009

Why my kids can't touch the phone

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Reb. Mary said...

I once heard a mom tell about going on a field trip to a dairy with her 6yo. Shortly thereafter, her next baby was born. The 6yo answered the phone while she was pumping and informed the caller--their pastor--that she couldn't come to the phone because "she's milking." She said she pretty much didn't return that call :P

lisa said...

That's the best laugh I've had all day.
The second best was when my duaghter took her diaper off after nap time and wet her bed then curtly informed me, "Dirty sheets."
What can I say? It was funny.
I bet since I laughed she'll do it again. :(

Rebekah said...


MooreMama said...

I have a sign on my office door that has a picture of a cow and says "Please Do Not Disturb". It's kind of funny when someone comes down the hall to knock and someone else explains that if the door's closed, I really shouldn't be disturbed right now... :)

It's also nice to get the support that I have from my hall-neighbors. Even after *gasp* ten months of three-times-a-day twenty minute breaks.