23 July 2009

"Tell me where you have laid him, and I will take him away."

Father Hollywood on Mary Magdalene:

The godly Christian woman is epitomized by St. Mary Magdalene. For as much as Satan hates her, tries to possess her, seeks to mislead and deceive her, and even savages her reputation – she is a servant, a steadfast witness to her Lord, and a servant to those whom she has been placed in submission.

St. Mary is “far more precious than jewels” as our dear sister in the faith, as a godly example of womanhood, as a blessed pattern of service to all Christians, men and women alike, whose lives are to be lived in godly submission to our Bridegroom, our Husband who lays down His life for us, giving Himself completely to His bride, and sharing with us, His Church, the good news that He has risen and that the cunning devil has been defeated.

Full text here, and recommended.

UPDATE: Cyberstones too.

You are baptized into Christ and no one, no thing, not you, not the devil, not your sins, can snatch you away. You belong to Him and you you will follow Him out of this valley of sorrows, out of this den of iniquity, our of your own selfish desires, to Himself in heaven. If that brings tears to your eyes, as it did to the Magdalene, so be it. Do not be ashamed. Many a bride has wept with joy to see a Bridegroom so gentle and competent, so faithful and true, so loving and gracious.

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lisa said...

I read yesterday's entry in Portals of Prayer - well, yesterday. It was also on Mary Magdalene. If you have a Portals nearby, it's worth the 1.5 mins.