20 July 2009


FYI: we do not remain quasi-anonymous because we are afraid to put our names on what we say or because we think it gives us some rhetorical advantage for our insidious political agenda (<-----irony. The verbal kind. All the homeschoolers already knew this). We stay undercoverish as a matter of personal security. We live in small towns where anyone on the street could probably point an inquiring stranger to our houses. Given the nasty things that have been in the headlines in recent years about violence against pregnant ladies, we'd rather not have strangers who know exactly how pregnant we are show up on our porches. So if you know us, thanks for keeping it on the downlow. We also ask that all readers return the favor to our commenters and just address them by the names they offer here.

As I am the person who is probably least anonymous, it only seems fair to warn you that my husband maintains a rather large arsenal and for my last birthday purchased me a very stylish personal sidearm. I am comfortable firing this sidearm and pleased with my performance in terms of "minutes of man." It also has a really awesome laser grip on it so you'll know you're a goner. This sidearm is named after one of our readers. Can you guess which? I'll put up a poll later but I don't have time now.


Gauntlets said...

I want a laser sight for my sidearm.

Which is really just to say, I have a sidearm. I keep it handy. Please don't surprise me.

Love, Gauntlets.

Theophil Jones said...

My dear old great granny Jones, who weighed in at just under a buck ten, once hefted a 500 lbs. steel basin full of slightly used bath water to put out a house fire. I have faith that none of you ladies would have trouble should the need/adrenaline arise. Also, goes to show what birthing 9 or so children does for your constitution. But back then all women were perpetually parturating, so maybe that had something to do with it.

lisa said...

My husband made me a laser out of legos last night. He's training for when our son is old enough to play with daddy (you know, the games Daddy wants to play).

Does that count?