08 December 2008

More Advent-appropriate reading

From Wendell Berry's "The Slip"

Nothing, having arrived, will stay.
The earth, even, is like a flower, so soon
passeth it away. And yet this nothing
is the seed of all—the clear eye
of Heaven, where all the worlds appear.
Where the imperfect has departed, the perfect
begins its struggle to return. The good gift
begins again its descent. The maker moves
in the unmade, stirring the water until
it clouds, dark beneath the surface,
stirring and darkening the soul until pain
perceives new possibility. There is nothing
to do but learn and wait, return to work
on what remains. Seed will sprout in the scar.
Though death is in the healing, it will heal.


Gauntlets said...

Reb. Mary, I like you.

MooreMama said...

Good for Advent. Good for women. Good for a woman, newly a mama, who has the babies that she lost on the brain tonight.


Rebekah said...

Thank you.

Reb. Mary said...

Mooremama, my friends (and cyberfriends :) ) who have lost babies were much on my mind when I read this.

Reb. Mary said...

Gauntlets, I'm strangely fond of you too :D

Anonymous said...

Thanks friend, cyberfriend. I'm going to read it to Avery, I think.