22 December 2008

Do I dare? and Do I dare?

On the one hand, it's the Singing Christmas Tree:

I do not think Pastor Bob's tuxedo will sing to me

On the other hand, free pizza.

I am no prophet—and here’s no great matter; but human voices (in a TREE) wake us and we drown.

Then again . . . free pizza.


Rebekah said...

Kelly, please sort this out for us.

Reb. Mary said...

I have measured out my life in tea spoons (not being much of a coffee drinker)

And I like free pizza.

But other than that...Kelly, I guess you're our only hope here ;)

Liz said...

Does the Pizza have pesto sauce?

MooreMama said...

Hmmm. The Answer, I hear, is 42.

Cheryl said...

If you do go, just don't forget to wear your white flannel trousers. Rolled.

Pr. H. R. said...

White flannel?

No! I am not Prince Hamlet!


Gauntlets said...


You kids are a great time.

Bad news: The pizza lacked pesto.

More bad news: We were surprised to learn that tickets to Pastor Bob's Singing Christmas Tree were replaced with tickets to Pastor Mike's Church Play. LL Bean eco-grunge Mary heard from the blasphemous angels that the Incarnation was, like, just the greatest special effect EVER. Then a plastic baby showed up and everyone gave it Hobby Lobby discount items and sang (ah-reeeejooooIIICe! ah-reee-e-e-e-eeee-ah-ah-joooooICE! eeeeeEEEEEeeeemmaaaaaaa-a-a-a-nnnnuuu-oooo-oooo-OOOOOoooooo-oo-oo-eh-eh-elllllllll!). Then a whole bunch of stuff was laid on our hearts.

And you're sad you weren't there, too.

Pr. H. R. said...

All mysteries explained:

The video is definitely worth watching, by the bye.