03 December 2008

With bridal care yourselves prepare

We don't keep the Advent fast as scrupulously as the Lent fast. There are all those social obligations making it difficult. But I love the Advent fast because it brings back all those dear memories of crash dieting and binge exercising that went on in the months and weeks before our wedding (sorry, Billy Blanks, but there's a new man in my life). And then there was that morning I rose with the sun to spend hours of alternating stricken paralysis and frantic ablution alone in my parents' bathroom, the day I told myself I'd try the cake a year from now . . . :D

Good times, that juxtaposition of truest joy and pure terror. Eyes on the skies, guys!


Gauntlets said...

This is perfect! :D

MooreMama said...

I am a poor miserable sinner. I cannot diet for vain reasons or Heavenly ones. I sorely lack self control.

I was ever so thankful that my mother's wedding dress had a highish, very forgiving waistline and brilliant seaming.


Reb. Mary said...

>>truest joy and pure terror<<
good times, indeed :)

Rebekah said...

MooreMama, long live the empire waist! :D

Dakotapam said...

Moore Mama, my mother's wedding gown had the same feature...she has the same weakness for candy that I do. Sadly, I did not take much bridal care preparation, I've always been rather low maintenance, which in my late thirties is beginning to show, and vanity causes me to take a bit more care. But at 23...I was fresh and dewy...with natural curls...I got dressed and met the Rev at the altar without much concern for outward appearance.

I am unable to fast my dears. I am a poor miserable sinner!

MooreMama said...

yeah... bridal preperation... our engagement lasted 11 1/2 weeks, but my Wedding Hair took two days: one to take the curl out and one to put suitable curls back in.

Maybe I'm a Lazy Lutheran. Surely that doesn't mean that I'm worse than the next girl, though - I do get up and out of the house in time for Saturday Bible Study at 7:30 and Early Service on Sundays at 8. I've always justified it to myself that it shows True Dedication to give up ALL sleeping in days. Submit to your Husband? I just think of it as leaving all the Hard Decisions to him, too. Fasting? I hope to be pregnant or nursing for the next bunch of years, God willing.