02 December 2008

Don’t kill the messenger

Household phenomenon #217: The Antigone Ploy a.k.a. She'll Never Bury My Sibling

The toddler stomps into kitchen where I stand (so call it?) at the sink, my hands immersed in lemony suds.

“MAMA! Wead. Book.”

“Not now, dear.”

The toddler walks back to the play room for a bit, then returns to grab my pants leg with authority and again make known her request.

“MAMA! Wead. Book. Now.”

“Go away, darling, I’m busy.”

The toddler again walks back to the play room and is gone a bit longer this time. When she returns, she pushes so that she now stands between my legs and the sink counter. I have little choice; it’s either fall on top of her (a bit front heavy, are we?) or stop working. Assured of my attention, she endures the suds dripping on her head long enough to furrow up her brow, put on her most ferocious pucker, and demand, “MAMA! WEAD. BOOK. NOW!”

“What’s gotten into you, you little ape?” I ask. Then I see them: the Big Sister and Brother peeking out the play room door. Sister holds a much beloved picture book in her hand. Brother’s eyes have a certain devious shine.

There’s only one thing to do. I waddle myself over to the play room door, wafting lemony freshness all the way.

“You want a book?” I ask.

“Yes, Mama.” They say.

“Why did you send your sister to ask for it?”

“Because she’s so cute!”

“Did you tell her to yank on my pants?”

“Yes, Mama.”

“Did you tell her to shove me away from the sink?”

“Yes, Mama.”

“ . . . how nice.”

Whereupon I shut the door and walk (if I may be so bold to assume) away.


Joy said...

Hee hee! I can't wait to hear what the 4 of them can pull off in a few years!

Thursday's Child said...


Oh, mama! Why didn't you read to that cute little thing?

MooreMama said...

Stand strong, friend. Don't let them win - the dishes must be conquered!

Rebekah said...

Must not have been a ponytails day, because there's no way you could have resisted then! :D

Reb. Mary said...

Try grapefruit dishsoap. It's my new favorite, and may have more repellent qualities than the alluring lemon. :)