10 December 2008


May I have a turn, please?

Hoping to alleviate BoyTwo's allergy symptoms, my husband, my father-in-law, and a kind friend just installed a laminate floor in the boys' room.

As the Designated Baby Nurser/Toddler Lassoer/Grub Rustler, my actual participation in the project consisted of (drumroll, please): exclaiming with delight over the finished product. (Truly, they did a superb job.)

So, am I

A) Happy to leave the noisy, dusty, complicated mess to the menfolk


B) Sad because I didn't get to use power tools or learn a new life skill

I haven't quite decided yet, but I'm actually leaning toward Option A. Go figure.


Gauntlets said...

Oh! Glorious power tools!

The men get all the big jobs around here. But I do like to break out the circular saw every now and again, you know, to make some noise. :)

Joy said...

Indecision is the key to flexibility.

MooreMama said...

DH is gone this week for work. On Tuesday, we got a round of snow and ice that streched my normal 10 minute commute into an hour or so. And, I had the most precious cargo. And, I had to figure out how to put her to sleep for the night when that's usually Daddy's Time. AND, I had to Scrape. My. Own. Windows. in the morning.

It reminded me that while it's really nice for our men to do the "man things", it's nice to remember that you CAN do them for yourself.