04 December 2008

True friendship

You know you're really friends with someone when you can tell their kids to shape up. I'm sure all those little Gauntlets hate me. :D And if I ever get to spend any more time in the physical presence of Reb. Mary's crew, well, they'll hate me too.

Please consider yourselves not just authorized, but encouraged and implored to straighten out my children when they are acting rotten. It helps my credibility so much.


Gauntlets said...

The Gauntlets adore you, actually, and your minions.

"When will we see them again, Mama? When?!?"

Rebekah said...

Tell them I said to quit bothering you.

Lauriinnc said...

Years ago, an older parishioner reprimanded my little girlie for messing around during Christmas pageant practice. He actually asked her if she wanted him to send her out for a switch! She asked him, (in all seriousness) "What's a switch?"

After practice he humbly took me aside and asked for my forgiveness for treating her this way. I hadn't known that he'd disciplined her in any way, but I did know what a giggly, social girl she was, and I told him he did the very right thing and I was glad he'd dealt with the problem. I told him he had my permission to discipline her anytime.

I thought it was refreshing not only that he felt like "family" enough to do that, but that he was worried how I felt about it afterward...the respect factor.

Melanie said...

Finally, someone who gets it!

I have one friend who has the courage to treat my children as she would her own and she is the one my son has the most respect for.