18 November 2007

How I spent my weekend

1. Hosted a bridal shower at the parish hall (no lame games)
2. Hosted a deer carcass in the minivan (um)
3. Hosted a wedding in the living room (even washed the windows)
4. Hosted various overnight guests here to share the excitement (ignoring the pile of dirty linens staring at me accusingly)

I'm a little tired. My husband really wants me to post a pic of his deer, but it's bloodier than I like for a family blog. Rest assured that Dad is a fine and humane shot and he's kept us in sausage another year (wow—not sure how I would have reacted to that idea in my not-so-distant past). The wedding was my rockin' sister to our rockin' friend, and I just can't describe the joy it brought us to witness a beautiful wedding for two people who know what's right and have orchestrated their lives accordingly. In fact, this was probably the first one I've ever been to. But I'll spare you my sisterly emoting about how great it was and they are. May our gracious God bless me soon to be an aunt! :) :) :)


Reb. Mary said...

Hey, I thought something like that was was in the works, but wasn't for sure. HUGE congrats to y'all. What fun! (If just a wee bit tiring.) And how amazingly refreshing. I have come to dread weddings, for that sort of sinking feeling that I usually get somewhere between the smarmy personalized vows, the twelve perfectly matched bridesmaids in height order, and the bulletin that proudly details all the fun that's planned before really "settling down."

And of course congrats to your man for the accomplishment of dragging home a carcass to feed the fam :) Many happy sausages.

Rosie said...

Hey Bek, don't worry, I know lots about being an aunt and I can't wait to teach you all about it as soon as you're blessed with this vocation. :)

Thanks for hosting our wedding - Scott and I both agreed it was the best wedding ever and kinda feel bad for people who naively think theirs rivals ours in any way.

You are the best SFL in the whole wide world. xo