05 November 2007

Studies in Gender Identity, Part 2

A few observations from our church's recent Beef Supper.

Our 19-month old (boy) was at a highchair opposite a 21-month old (girl).

She: Had food on a large plate on her tray. Food stayed on plate or was consumed, plate stayed on tray. Was not wearing a bib, and finished the meal with nary a spot on her pink-striped sweater.

He: Was, with trepidation, allowed to have a small paper plate, which was promptly dumped, used as a hat, and waved about wildly until confiscated. Was wearing a huge bib, and finished the meal with spots not only on himself but on everything and everyone within throwing radius.

Just different personalities? Or is there some other factor at work here too?


Rebekah said...

Definitely some other factor at work. I have never seen a 21-monther eat neatly. In fact, I was shocked this summer when I witnessed a 3-yr-old Gauntlet eating chocolate ice cream without getting it all over his face (unlike my own corresponding specimen). My (almost) 18 month human female has just started maneuvering a spoon independently and manages to get at least as much not just on her bib, but on the wrong side of it, as in her mouth.

The Gauntlets said...

I'll vote with rebekah. My girl-one STILL doesn't eat neatly . . .crumbs everywhere . . . I have nightmares about it regularly. But boy-one eats faultlessly. He also lines up his toys, makes his bed, color coordinates his outfits . . .

An odd duck, that one. I have my theories on why he strives for careful management of his life at such a tender age, but I'll blog about them some other time.

Me said...
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Pr. H. R. said...

Good, Gauntlets. I want you blogging. I want you living in Neb., but I want you blogging. I want you going to LWML meetings - but I want you to be live-blogging them.