23 November 2007

The pitter-patter of little carbon footprints

We all amuse ourselves by saying that those of us who have babies are going to outbreed those who don't and take over. But this has been the case for all of history and the reality is that whatever crazy people have money end up in charge. So although this crazy person isn't going to have kids, I'm still scared about the world my kids are going to grow up in because of people like her. When people buy into faith-based initiatives like global warming, what's to stop them from, say, imposing penalties on couples who exceed environmentally-safe numbers of children a generation from now? Will we get a religious exemption, or will the "scientific" principles behind the religion of environmentalism be too urgent to allow for other beliefs? But I do get a kick out of her perceived persecution for the life she's chosen. Cute how she thinks she's in the minority and I think I am.


Gauntlets said...

When the oven gets hot we'll pack up and leave, my friend: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corvo_Island

In the meantime, we laugh.

Lutheran Lucciola said...

Don't worry about this lady. She's into being sensasionalized (sp), that's all. I think she just craves the attention. Although your comment about taxing or fining people for stuff is quite possible. But down the road some. Hopefully not at all.

But I think I did just figure out who is married to Dr. House.... ;-)

Rebekah said...

Gauntlets, I keep forgetting you've got this all planned out. How warm is that place?

LL, neither Dr nor House--and just as well since I've always thought having a noun for a last name would throw me off kilter. All that weight there at the end, you know?

Gauntlets said...

Warm enough. Heh, heh, heh. Warm enough.