26 November 2007

One from the files

Found this in my bookmarks. Can't recall how I first came across it (maybe Rebekah pointed it out to me?), but if your umpteenth re-reading of your little darlings' well-thumbed favorites lacks enthusiasm, or if you're looking for an excuse to sit down and read with the kids instead of doing something silly like the dishes, click here.

She's not talking about church, but the part about how much sinks into the minds of the creatures whose little bodies are wriggling about surely sounded familiar for that context as well. We're amazed at how much theology (above and beyond what we've deliberately tried to pound in) has already seeped into the three-year-old's brain, oozing out in the most intriguing ways.

Meanwhile, I need to go finish packing for the return from our Great Kentuckiana Thanksgiving Adventure. Highlights of the trip here involved an hour on the tarmac with a toddler on my pregnant lap. (Why did I opt for the lap child when we couldn't get seats together? I can't answer that question, but I do know it won't be my lap on the way back!)


Gauntlets said...

I was just remembering reading this essay and wondering where I might find it again. What serendipity. :) Thanks!

Rebekah said...

Bah. You good people. I hate reading. I do it because I know it's what good parents do and they'll be psychopaths if I don't, but I hate it. It's gotten easier since the older ones have started growing into chapter books (the man cub requested and sat all the way through Charlie and the Chocolate Factory a few weeks ago, to my surprise), but I know we should still read picture books too and they drive me crazy. The cold weather is good, though; if the only warm place in the house is on the couch under a pile of babies it's a lot easier for me to quit putting off the reading hour(s).