26 November 2007

The way it should be: Us vs. Them

Summary: babies are hard on marriage (watch it here if you're really that interested in yet another pointless parenting feature from the MSM). This is true only if mother and father foolishly fail to see the baby as a common enemy and draw strength from that inherent unity. Whenever we've got a new one in the house demanding all our time and attention, we're that much more desperate for time together and have to combine forces to defeat the new foe and hang out with our favorite people, each other. Perspective, friends. Early bedtimes! Exhausting play! Sneaking into the kitchen for five minutes to eat the hidden brownies together while they fight over a toy! Don't let a baby outsmart you, they don't even know anything! This is how babies strengthen marriages.


Gauntlets said...


Which reminds me, I've stumbled across a recipe for gooooood eggnog, the products of which we are not sharing with our offspring and which you would not need to spike to make gooooood. I'll post it up at CSPP Cooks one of these days.

Reb. Mary said...

So nice to know that we're not the only ones who hide desserts and scheme together to eat them secretly.

And I am amazed that people who let their toddlers/preschoolers stay up till all hours ever stay married!

Rebekah said...

If everyone weren't in bed by 7:30, I would go out of my mind, even on nights when Dad isn't home (which happens a lot in parsonages). I can't begin to understand the houses with little kids up until 9+, and I know there are lots of them.