27 September 2008

Visiting Hours

You know your husband has been putting in some extra hours lately when the four-year-old greets him with, "Hi Daddy. Did you come to visit us for a while?"


Rebekah said...


Joy said...

Once during Lent, we went to church for a pre-service potluck and Claire (then 3) asked, "Daddy, do you live here?"

It made sense in her little mind. She only saw him a few evenings a week, and often by the time she woke in the mornings he was gone. We would sometimes bring him lunch at church, which must have confirmed her suspicions.

Gauntlets said...

Is it just the time of year? In the fall, a congregation's fancy turns to thoughts of meeting. About everything. Until 11 p.m.

Thursday's Child said...


DH was working overseas when the twins were born. Until they were 2 years old they only saw him on visits. It took a while for them to realize who he was. They always wanted me to decide things for them or check with me to see if they should mind him.

At least yours sees them a bit more often. ;)

Reb. Mary said...

TC: I'm always amazed at how military families and others who have one parent overseas can hold things together, and not go crazy. A good reminder to offer our support to families in such situations who are effectively single-parent for long stretches.