26 September 2008

Official Debate 2008 cocktail

Debate party tonight! I hope you're ready with some Peach Schnapps and unsweetened grapefruit juice, the official drink of the 2008 presidential election. I can't tell you the proper name of this cocktail since we here at CSPP are all quintessential ladies and never use unbecoming language (somebody out west give Gauntlets a whack between the shoulder blades, she's choking). But I can tell you to retain the standard Fuzzy. Then travel south and around from Navel to a not entirely dissimilar somatic quirk which you might have felt an urge to employ as a descriptor for the GOP's sorry excuse for a candidate if you were not also a quintessential lady. It's the bitter twist on an all-American tradition that this election cycle requires. You can go back to orange juice for Biden v. Palin, our debate season Gaudete, to rejoice in the sweetness of liberal odium for the crazy chick from Alaska. Bottoms up!


Reb. Mary said...


The Rebellious Pastor's Wife said...

wait...the only name that I can come up with for that is "Fuzzy Fruit!" I feel so out of it.

Dakotapam said...

OK, I just choked on my cocktail!