27 September 2008

"But I don't think of you"

CSPP hereby gives Liz of Blonde Moment a Fountainhead Award for her post Legalism and Lutheranism. My favorite line:
We must not be caught in the trap, "Well, what do the CSPP think of me?” Who cares?
We couldn't have said it better. Thanks and congrats to our favorite economist!


Reb. Mary said...

Does this mean we can all stop being so sensitive now? :D

Gauntlets said...

Aw, sweet.

Reb. Mary: I'll vote for a stop to the tiptoeing. I'm not good with sensitive. All cried out. Years ago. ;)

Liz said...

Perspective is lovely.

Blogversary said...

Ah yes, the sweet gospel message of "who cares what they think".

Many a moods have been lifted by those words.

Rebekah said...

Definitely. Sensitivity off!