07 September 2008

Thunder thunder thunder thunder CATS!

My 4-yr-old is suffering from a terrible man cold so I'm sitting at home thinking how weird it is to hear the church bell ringing from out here. Sigh. (The little man is back to sleep for the moment--thank goodness. :( )

Anyway. When I got to college I was very disheartened by many of the specimens who were introduced to me as pre-sem. What a bunch of brain-damaged idiots, arrogant jerks, and womanizing creeps*. I assumed that the brain damaged idiots would flunk their way out (most did, in seminary if not before). The womanizing creep type has never had much interest in me personally and I hoped The System would weed them out for the greater good (no comment). But the arrogant jerks, what of them?

I developed a solution: the Thundercats Route to the Pastoral Office. I didn't watch much TV growing up, so the shows I managed to sneak stuck with me. One was an episode of Thundercats in which Lion-O wanted to be the leader of the Thundercats. In order to prove his worth, he had to beat every Thundercat at their greatest skill. So, for example, he had to outrun Cheetara. I can't remember all the other feats of strength. But, man, it was tense! Lion-O had to earn that spot! He had to be the best at everything!

So, cross-apply: anybody who wanted to be a pastor should have to do all the jobs at church. He should have to clean the floors after the spaghetti supper, work the nursery during VBS when every baby in the church was checked in since their mothers were all teaching, teach the kindergarten Sunday School class, balance the budget, organize the youth group mission gimmick including fundraising and preventing makeout sessions under the mosquito netting, etc. That would teach them!

Funny thing about all that. My husband has to do these things regularly. He cleans bathrooms, sets up chairs and tables, teaches little kids, teaches big kids, deals with the financial situation, makes coffee, and tomorrow he's providing child care for a women's Bible study I'm deputizing for a few weeks, which is what reminded me of all this. He's done humbler and less savory tasks also, which I won't get into (and those are only the ones I know about). And the meetings! The accursed meetings! Lion-O just wouldn't have it in him.

LCMS pastors: Thundercats to the max. Sweet!

Sure, I'll cut the Ladies' Aid Anniversary cake.

*obviously there were a few exceptions.


Dan @ Necessary Roughness said...

Thundercats ruled my world back in the day. I even tried to build a sword. :)

The Trials:
Stronger than Panthro (which he won straight away)
Faster than Cheetara (by taking a more dangerous, shorter course)
Wiser? than Tygra (I think by rescuing him when the mutants interfered with the trial) -- this made the least sense.
More cunning that Wile-e-Kit and Wile-e-Kat, by tying them to a rock so that he could win the race.
Mumm-ra, without the Sword of Omens mind you, by infiltrating the pyramid and throwing Mumm-ra's casket into the cauldron.

Thundercats, Ho!

You know, this IS funny, because if the Thundercats were doing things the way LCMS would have us do them, Lion-O would hire a ton of staff so that he wouldn't have to do any of that Lord of the Thundercats business.

Oh yes. That series was very cool.

Rebekah said...

LOL--thanks, Dan!

Dizziness said...


Melanie said...

I found my way onto this site by a dear friend and want to thank the Concordian Sisters for giving me some laughs and comfort in my world of mothering (both children and husband :D). My husband is awaiting placement in April from CTSFW and we met at River Forest...ahh yes, those lovely places where you begin your life in debt :D (and learn a few things along the way).

Joy said...

Oh, goodie... I thought I was the only one whose husband scrubbed toilets at church, made coffee, did dishes, and dragged the trash dump out to the curb. So far he's successfully managed to avoid mowing the 10 acres. Since there is no secretary, he also gets to beg for volunteers to assemble bulletins, and try to track down dependable accompanists. I guess I must have conceived that one time when he took his clerical off for 20 minutes....

Rebekah said...

Diz, you wish.

Hi, Melanie. :) Always nice to meet a Sister.

Joy, cool life, huh? :D

Reb. Mary said...

Poor Boy. Hope he's better and that he didn't share. But man cold...ROFLMBO...how early they learn that skill--no, it's too early to be learned; it's definitely man-nature, not nurture. BoyTwo became a pitiful little heap this afternoon with a similar affliction...the pathos is so extreme that I'm able to find a bit of relief from maternal anxiety, because I can't help laughing at him too. All while stroking his face and saying "poor little bunny," of course :O.

Melanie: Glad ta haveya :)

Rosie said...

Sounds like your husband's church could use a deaconess... :)