02 February 2011

Washed, beautiful, inflamed!

Gauntlets just referenced Chrysostom, and his words in yesterday’s Treasury are humming 'round my head again. You’ll want them in yours, too, because no matter what goes down in the pew-trenches on Sunday morning, you will return home triumphant with this:

Let us then return from [the Communion table] like lions breathing fire, having become terrible to the devil….This blood causes the image of our King to be fresh within us. It produces beauty unspeakable and prevents the nobleness of our souls from wasting away….The blood [of Christ] is the salvation of our souls. By it the soul is washed, is beautiful, and is inflamed! This blood causes our understanding to be more bright than fire and our soul more beaming than gold. This blood was poured forth and opened heaven.

(More here)

Satan, you wicked one, own now your master!
Jesus has come! He, the mighty Redeemer.


Cheryl said...

Yes, yes, yes! Our family read and loved this, too! It's like we're a whole pack of Aslans returning from the table!

Rebekah said...


Kaylee Hicks said...

Thank you! This reminded me of part of our baptismal liturgy that the pastor prays...

"So hear now, thou miserable devil, adjured by the name of the eternal God and of our Savior, Jesus Christ, and depart trembling and groaning, conquered together with thy hatred, so that thou shall have nothing to do with this servant of God..."

Emommy said...

Yay! As my ma says, "Go get 'em, tiger!"