19 February 2011

CSPP offers online School for Writers and Speakers

My Women over at WLI are excited for another academic year to begin in their acclaimed Schools for Speakers and Writers. Unfortunately, women who happen to be raising children pretty much won't be able to go. But we're so talented! It would be bad stewardship for our skills not to get more skilly! So in the spirit of stewardship, CSPP is offering the following free online course for Writers and Speakers:

1. Know the right person who knows the right people to get you a writing or speaking gig.

2. And we're done!

(Bonus hint: meet the Right People at the WLI Schools for Speakers and Writers.)

And thank you, person who keeps me up with WLI so I don't have to keep myself up.


Cheryl said...



And may I say, Rebekah, how much I appreciate the CSPP ladies' continued leadership in providing this vital forum so that those of us who wish to improve upon our already impressive speaking and writing talents may have a safe place to do so while connecting with others like us in new and meaningful ways.

And oh yeah, you don't charge us anything either. Cool.

etem said...

i feel empowered.

Rebekah said...

You are all very, very welcome. :D