02 February 2011

“The majority of people in today's churches are feminists--and they don't even know it."

How’s that for a potentially inflammatory post title? :D It's preceded by the very apt observation, "Feminism has seeped into people’s systems like intravenous drugs into the veins of an unconscious patient."

All the –isms, to say nothing of the –ists, get to be a bit much for my underexercised mental apparatus (we’re in post-post-modernism now, right?), but as I’ve got somewhat of a professional interest in the feminist stuff, I like to at least skim things like this, and thought some of y’all might like to as well.

(Possibly unnecessary note of clarification: We at CSPP don’t necessarily hang our hat squarely on the peg of the complementarian position apparently held by this author.)

HT: My Own Mother


Leah said...

"A doctrinally rich understanding of manhood and womanhood is essential in order to combat the relational/sexual/marital carnage that accompanies a post-feminist mindset."

How true that is.

Rebekah said...

In the past, truths about gender were generally “caught,” but now, they must be intentionally “taught.” The biggest thing that leaders need to understand is that the default setting has changed—even for those raised in the church. Leaders cannot assume that the people in their congregations have a biblical framework for understanding these things.

True here too. And while Scripture clearly teaches on the subject, there's quite a bit to be "caught" there as well.

Also, what is complementarianism anyway? I hear it talked about but I don't think I really know what it means. Of course Lutherans can never hang their hats squarely on anyone else's peg. :D

Thanks, this was good.

Gauntlets said...

I've only skimmed the surface of complementarianism, but it seems best to consider it more descriptive, less prescriptive. Frankly, I don't think anyone can fully articulate what, exactly, is Woman. And I think being a woman makes articulation on the topic that much more difficult.

Reb. Mary said...

What Gauntlets said :)

Many who go the complementarian route use science, physiology, psychology, etc. to say--See! Men and women are Different! OK (duh). But then complementarians lean rather too heavily on stereotypical differences to make conclusions. For example: God made men and women Different, which is why they have different roles...i.e., women shouldn't be pastors because God's Word says so, and the reason God's word says so is that God made men more psychologically/otherwise suited to be pastors. And so on. Seems to be somewhat of an eisegesis problem.

I'm all for noticing that men and women are different, but I'd sure rather try to defend Biblical roles Christologically than complementarily. (To say nothing of the fact that those of us who don't feel at all suited "by nature" or by simple chromosomal fact for our present CSPP-season can get to feeling rather resentful of such proclamations :P.)

You've probably read some Wayne Grudem, who has some good stuff, but is pretty hardcore complementarian, as I recall.

Marie said...

I like it when you ladies have bigger babies. Then, you write more=) Keep it up!

Reb. Mary said...

Marie, it also helps that the boxes are (mostly) unpacked. ;)

Elizabeth said...

Genius! Great article!