22 February 2011

How to fix a snap

This might be the most useful thing I've ever posted (and/or the only useful thing I've ever posted).

I hate it when the leg snaps on baby clothes won't stay snapped. It ruins a piece of clothing which is otherwise totally fine. I keep all these ruined pieces of clothing around so I can stay mad longer.

The other day I was trying my hand at installing snaps on a sewing project and demolishing many snaps in the process. One of the ways I demolished snaps was by hammering them so hard the stud got flattened or off-centered and wouldn't fit into the socket. At first I hammered too hard out of inexperience and excessive zeal, then I moved on to wrath, and finally I settled into overhammering for the gratifying feeling of the power to destroy.
In the process, I realized that although the flattened studs were totally messing up my sewing project, they were exactly what my pile of maddeningly useless baby clothes needed! So I found that pile and hammered each stud, like so:

It took about five or six well-centered mid-impact whacks per stud. Naturally I overdid it a few times, what with the zeal and the wrath and the joy of destruction. I was able to fix one case of overdoneness by squeezing it back into shape with pliers, like so:

But a couple of them got hammered and pliered so many times they're just done for. Fortunately they were both on one romper that I already couldn't use, so I think I'll find it in my heart to forgive myself. Baby Dude has worn each of the restored items for a full day with no unsnapping. There you go, earthlings.


baby boy clothes said...

lately I had a hard time fixing the snap of the baby clothes of my child, but thanks to the information you have posted in this site cause I now an idea on how to fix the snap of some clothes of my baby easily.

DestinyP said...

"I keep all these ruined pieces of clothing around so I can stay mad longer."
You're so funny. Thanks for the helpful info!

Leah said...

I think your advances in the snap-revitalization field are at least comparable to my knitting skills. ;)

And thank you. I have thrown away many an otherwise good outfit over this very thing. Time to get my hammer out. I'm feeling powerful already.

(Oh, and I think I can remember at least one other useful thing you've posted. :P )

Katy said...

We just let our baby girls walk around unsnapped (it's a long skirt, and they're not old enough for the "slit" to be immodest)

We also let our baby boys walk around unsnapped. They look like Samurais.

Zippers are so much easier.

Emommy said...

If you hadn't posted the pictures, I would've just laughed and laughed at this, thinking you were just being funny. As it was, I laughed and laughed even harder with the pictures! I love hammers and destruction!

x :) x sheila said...

Adorable writing. Thank you so much :)