16 December 2007

Walking Upright and Foraging for Food

Knowing that it would amuse my pregnant self, my dad (who happens to be a great source of solid facts in creation science/ID/etc.) recently sent me a link to this article about how women have cleverly evolved flexible spines that enable us to be pregnant and still walk upright.

Let's overlook for just a moment the fact that these scientists are working from unprovable starting assumptions that force them to explain the world without a Creator. Let's temporarily ignore how much faith it takes for them to believe that the complementary male and female reproductive systems somehow evolved independently. (How exactly did each new, more highly evolved generation arise through natural selection, if they couldn't even reproduce yet? Um?)

Aside from those minor logical and factual quibbles, there were a few things I really enjoyed about the article.

For instance, I did rather get the giggles at the thought of pregnant women tipping over left and right. Though this may just be evidence of pregnancy cheese-brain, since my center of gravity is beginning to shift in earnest, and it's been rather icy around here. Not so funny.

Then there was the observation that "women's bodies have evolved spines that are more flexible and supportive than men's." Why don't we just change a few things to make this into a more general statement that is perhaps more accurate, something that we can all agree on: "women are more flexible and supportive than men." Hee hee.

But my favorite line was definitely this one: "Early human women lived very strenuous, active lives, and pregnant females were forced to cope with the discomfort of childbearing while foraging for food and escaping from predators." Well. Think about it. Strenuous, active lives...coping with discomfort....what's changed, really? After all, I still spend a majority of my time foraging for food and attempting to escape the clutches of my children, who become quite predator-esque when hungry (which is apparently all the time).

Too bad this article misses the point: the changes that a woman's body undergoes in order to support new life are an amazing testimony to Divine Design.


Rebekah said...

This must be why my back is killing me and I can hardly remain upright for that Gospel/Creed stretch: I'm a creationist.

Obviously these researchers know nothing about the lower female human forms (homo domestica) who spend their days digging through freezers for the next thing to feed everyone while screaming children pull down their worthless elastic maternity pants.

Gauntlets said...

Wait, we're supposed to be FEEDING THEM?!?!