31 December 2007

Our Wild New Year's Eve

Our big plans:

1)Put kids to bed early (as usual).

2)Settle into couch, possibly with movie, possibly with books, but definitely with the leftover treats from our annual open house. I'm thinking particularly of the mini cheesecakes and the mint brownies...

3)Be sound asleep by the time the ball drops (and yes, NY is an hour ahead of us).

This is too much fun to waste any more time blogging, but if any of y'all believe in making New Year's resolutions and would like to share, by all means do so. And if you're really not into making a list of ways to improve yourself, talk about that too, to make me feel better. Ha ha.

Or here's an idea we had a good laugh about: husband and wife making resolutions for each other. Since we'll be attempting to co-teach a marriage class soon, we kind of decided against doing that this year...

1 comment:

Rebekah said...

Awesome party. My ever-shrinking stomach capacity has really been cramping my style; I just can't overeat like I could last month.

I know exactly what my husband's resolution for me would be, ha ha ha (some keywords: weight, complaining, insane). I think we'll steer clear of this one too. ;)