04 December 2007

The only company to offer a unique abomination

My dear and loving husband and I recently discussed that we'd never seen maternity clergy wear in any of the vestment catalogs that come his way. He uncharitably suggested that there wasn't much of a need--what a jerk! I couldn't resist Googling the matter and uncovered this (I'd put up a pic but now's a bad time for me to be agitating myself and raising my blood pressure, and I don't want to have to look at it again later). I'm pretty disappointed that there are no color options besides black, and am I the only one who doubts that a button-down cotton/poly blend is really going to fit all the way through month 9? And no cute tie in the back? I'd say WomenSpirit has plenty of room for improvement.


Gauntlets said...

Looks like it has a bit of Halloween potential, eh? Scary while yet a bit goofy while yet a bit fantastical?

Let's all get one, just for kicks and just in time for our next costume party. I'll bleach mine out and then dye it to match the sex of whomever I'm carrying at the time.

elephantschild said...

Please allow 6-8 week delivery. says the note in the WomanSpirit catalog description.

::snorting laughter::
Mercy my, I'm not a fan of female pastorettes, but I wouldn't wish a 6-8 week delivery on ANYONE. ;)

Reb. Mary said...

This reminds me, does anyone else remember the wife of a certain Seminarian Luke T. wearing one of his clericals to cheer on St. Louis (or rather, antagonize the opponents) when they played Ft. Wayne in a basketball game? She actually was pregnant at the time, I believe, though not enough so as to merit extra tailoring tucks.

Rebekah said...

Oh dear. Glad I wasn't there; I don't think I could have handled it.