30 December 2007

Great post from Father Rick

"Care for your children, also, with love and mercy and forgiveness. Deal with them gently and with patience, as the Lord is long-suffering, slow to anger, and compassionate with you. Do not fail to discipline your children, to teach them right and wrong, to train them in the way they should go, in the fear of the Lord. But do not vent your own sinful anger upon them; they suffer, as it is, for the sins of their father and mother. Remember that the little Lord Jesus was Himself a Child, and that He welcomes the little children to His own embrace; not because they are perfect little angels without sin, but because He has given Himself for them, and He forgives them, as He also forgives you."

(Emphasis added. Read the whole thing here, especially the part about St Joseph.)

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Reb. Mary said...

Wow. 'Nuff stuff there for a whole list of worthy resolutions. Thanks for linking it.