12 December 2007


NEAT: Non-exercise activity thermogenesis:

Commonly defined as "the energy expended for everything we do that is not sleeping, eating, or sports-like exercise."

Recognized by researchers as a key factor in avoiding excess fat gain.

This, my friends, is our CSPP secret for staying so lean and lithe, or something like that, ha ha ha. (Please disregard my currently burgeoning waistline for the purposes of this post. Actually, please just disregard it altogether.)

Think about it: we get NEAT points for running through grocery store aisles, chasing down children as we throw things into the cart! For hauling toddlers around on hips! For washing dishes and sweeping floors! For bending over to secure countless pairs of shoes!

NEAT also helps me understand how the boys at my table can consume such astounding quantities of food and not be part of the childhood obesity epidemic we all hear so much about. They just don't sit still--EVER! And fidgeting is sooo NEAT. Is anyone else amazed at the number of ways a preschool boy, without even trying, can find to "sit" in a chair? (Maybe girls too, but I've got less experience in that department.)


Rebekah said...

We were just marveling over the fact that our three year old probably consumes as many calories in a day as his father, and yet we can count his ribs. It's getting to the point around here where the babies are making a noticeable dent in the provisions, and all I can think is, what are we going to feed everybody when they're all teenagers?!

Gauntlets said...

This is fantastic news.

I'd say blogging qualifies as a NEAT activity, what with all the finger tapping and heavy pondering and energetic ups and downs coupled and yelling at the kids to SHUT IT whilst I think . . .

I have a fever, and the only prescription in more blogging.