10 January 2009

What manner of boy art thou?

I guess I should be glad that some people think it “cute” when I have to remind the boys to use their manners on certain occasions (read: any and all public occasions). Personally, I find it mortifying. :P

What would Polite Elephant do?

I grasp at straws of progress on this front. BoyOne often remembers to hold the door (just long enough so that it catches my hip instead of my nose). And upon hearing of a social engagement that was to his liking, he immediately volunteered, “I’m going to bring all my manners. I’m going to bring one hundred of them.” His little brother added, emphatically, that he was going to bring TWO manners. In his pocket.

They get better, right? Right???


Gauntlets said...


If our manners improve at all any time soon, I'll chalk it up to breakfast but write you a report, anyway. :D

Dakotapam said...

Either manners improve, or our standards drop. I'm not entirely sure which is the case.

I have four boybarians 12,9, 6 and 4. We have generally very pleasant mealtimes, everyone uses utensils and it is a nice place to be...most of the time. When things begin to get out of hand I start to get out the ettiquiette book and read to them during dinner ad nauseum. My next step is to serve them a formal meal including china and crystal and food that must be cut and then henpeck them throughout the meal (I'm more mother hen than mama bear...must be a boy mom thing!).

My bys, along with the three neighbor boys are due for a formal meal soon, standards are beginning to slip and I hear words like fart and poop at the table along with belching...that means a henpecked meal is in order!

Thursday's Child said...

They're so sweet I just want to eat them!

Mine all started saying "thank you" on their own and, as soon as they knew it was desired, stopped doing it. {sigh}

This too shall pass.

Lauriinnc said...

Boy-barians! I'll have to remember that one!

I'll tell you one thing. As soon as I think we have the most unruly, ill-mannered children on the planet, we go on summer vacation (mom on the verge of a full blown anxiety attack) and eat at Grandma's house.

That is when the completely unimaginable happens...angel, darling children replace my own and my mother wonders who on earth I have been telling all these stories about. Truly...all those boYs clean their plates IN SILENCE and say "Please pass.." and "Thank you," and even "May I please be excused?"
I assure you these children do NOT live at my house.

It gives me hope.

Jane said...

People think it's cute because you at least recognize the concept of manners and are trying to teach them to your boys. Seriously. I can't believe how many kids I have met who have no clue that "manners" exist.

And, yes, it does get better. My 15 & 18 yo sons have lovely manners. Better than I taught them. I sometimes feel dishonest when I thank someone who compliments them, because most of it is *them.* My 13 yo gets better by the day. :)

Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

It's hard to teach manners to your boys (mine are 6 and 3) when your husband doesn't use his manners! I like Pam's idea--a formal dinner. I need that etiquette book, Pam!

Reb. Mary said...

Boybarians! Time to update the dictionary again :)

TC, if only we could harness the contrariness, no?

Lauri: Mine are usually better at Grandma's house, but not so good when a Grandma is here :O

Jane: I am always immensely impressed when I meet gentlemanly teenage males. It gives me something to aim for even as I wonder whether we'll ever get there. And I'm sure some of the credit does indeed fall at your feet :)

EZE, let us know how the family etiquette project works out :P