13 January 2009

Goats again

And Amy Carmichael again:

We can pray? When we can, we are more than content. But there are times when we cannot; at least, we cannot attempt sustained prayer. We are often unhappily conscious that we are believed to be praying more than we truly are. For we cannot gather our thoughts to pray; they scatter like a flock of goats on an Indian road which has neither hedge nor ditch, and we cannot run after them.

Can someone solve this problem for me?



Rebekah said...

Good one. Let me start by saying that when I've got goats running in all directions I pick up the Psalms, a prayer book like Stark's or just go through the collects in the hymnal to help focus. But I'm always thinking about this so I might squeeze out a whole post. Stand by.

MooreMama said...

Fainting goats. You make a loud noise and they just fall over, giving you time to collect them.


Gauntlets said...

Yes. This is a very real problem, compounded by the little wolves who delight in scattering goats and who never, ever nap anymore. :(

Reb. Mary said...


Guantlets: Ah. Napless at your place too, huh? :( :( Boy3 still naps but the two-year-old specifically designates the time-formerly-known-as-nap for goat scattering.