06 January 2009

More Gold

“Could we wish to skirt a wood where our Master waited to give us a word to lighten the dark woods of others? No, not even now, while the pressure is upon us, would we choose, if we might, to escape from this which is but for a moment, and which worketh that which is eternal.” (Amy Carmichael’s Gold by Moonlight, 109)

Not out of the woods yet? Out of the woods only to find yourself squishing about in the Slough of Despond? You’re not alone. Others are there too. Better yet: others have been there, have gotten out, and have brought with them a word from the Master that can lighten your way, even help you find the way out. You who are seeking His will and His Word: your suffering—inane or mundane though it may seem—does have a purpose. And maybe you can reach back and haul along the girl who’s still a few steps behind you.

I’m eternally grateful, for instance, that Rebekah didn’t brush me off like the hopeless whining idiot I was (am) back in the day when I started asking her all my clueless first-time mom questions, even though her 18 month head start on me in this CSPP business had already put her in a different league. And that she and Gauntlets still put up with me so graciously, even though by now I should know and be oh so much better. And that y’all in blogdom share your thoughts and your stories too, both here and over at your own places.

Ok; this warm fuzzy is ending already. But it’s COLD n’west of nowhere lately, y’know? Thinking warm thoughts helps. :)


Rebekah said...

Ha! You forget how flattering it is to be approached as an expert, so don't give me too much credit.

Gauntlets said...

A book that evokes happy thoughts? I think I'll read it myself. :)

As for the cold: wash down those warm thoughts with some mulled wine. Please drink a glass for me.

Reb. Mary said...

Gauntlets: Consider it done. And before long, it'll be your turn again :)