02 July 2010

Spreading the love

I'm just going to take a minute here and give a shout out to my best friend Mott Media, LLC. Thank you, Mott Media, LLC, for supplying our children with copies of books my grandfather remembers using back in his one-room country schoolhouse days. Thank you very much, Mott Media, LLC, for providing our children with books that actually teach them how to read, write, and 'rithmetic, with such minimal input from me.

I feel like I could hug you, Mott Media, LLC, mostly because you wouldn't hug me back. No, you'd slap my wrist with a ruler and tell me to get back to work. I respect that about you, Mott Media, LLC, and I respect your products.

And, just so we're clear, America, I'm being completely serious with you. Go have yourself a gander, ASAP.


lisa said...

I'd seen the McGuffey's, Ray's and Grammar book on Amazon. So - they're really good?

Rebekah said...

Dad did McGuffey with our two readers. Thumbs up for McGuffey and Dad.

Gauntlets said...

We have been using Ray's Arithmetic and Spencerian Penmanship for some time now, and really like them both. Ray's occasionally feels a bit archaic (a pound of peaches for 10 cents!), but that can open the window for all sorts of discussions about currency inflation. :D And if you want a character builder for a budding egoist, Penmanship gets the job done. ;)

We just started McGuffey with our reluctant reader. We're already seeing better results in one week of McGuffey than we saw after a full year fighting with Peace Hill Press materials.

lisa said...

Thank you for the recommendation. I am glad for the input of folks who have tried those resources (although, I admit, I was drawn to them initially for the superficial reason that they looked plain and straightforward and those are two of my favourite adjectives).