14 July 2010

The eloquent in the room

Well, I know we were all excited to be a part of the events of yesterday afternoon, but here at CSPP we have trouble focusing when people are torturing pronouns. Does Our Beloved Synod really objectify subjects like the masses? Are we among the ignorami who can't figure out how to use intensives and reflexives? Strunk have mercy!

It would be uncharitable to cite specific examples. But the problem was not endemic. There was one tense syntactic moment which ended in a flawless pronominal usage beautiful as a perfect dismount from the uneven bars. And who stuck this grammatical landing? None other than the Reverend President-for-two-more-months Gerald Kieschnick. Unfortunately this thrilling moment is not included in the available archived video and I wasn't transcribing--it was during the practice balloting for VPs in succession--but the man nailed it.

There have been a lot of cringe-making moments at the 2010 convention, but this wasn't one of them. Thanks, Father Jerry, for speaking well. It means so much to us.


Gauntlets said...

Aw, man! I totally missed it! Rats.

However, I am still impressed by how well Father Jerry handled all the awkwardness before and after the vote. He is a gentleman.

Rebekah said...

Texans, man.