01 May 2008

A Song for Rebekah

Well, it's just one line from a song. And I'm not clever enough to have written the lyrics myself, like she did awhile back. Nonetheless, I've found this line from Over the Rhine's "Lookin' Forward" stuck on repeat in my head lately....

"I'm lookin' forward to lookin' back"

Someday, we too will be among those people tellin' the youngsters struggling with their kids to "enjoy every minute, these are the best days of your life." (Really? Will we really? Will we too be afflicted--perhaps blessed--with selective amnesia? Well, at least we'll have some great moments to look back on, and (DV) a passel of grandchildren to share them with...)

Don't have a clip of this song, but if you want to hear "Drunkard's Prayer" (the title track from the same album), go here (Album, recommended.)


Rebekah said...

Ha! Thanks, friend, and how true. I think this every time my friend with the nine kids has them in church with the countless grands and greats.

johnqmercy said...

How in the world did you discover OTR?
Not that i was trying to keep them a secret, you understand.

Reb. Mary said...

Hermano mio,
I must admit to being rather miffed at the implication of your remark. Are you saying I don't get out much? Or that I'm not musically suave and sophisticated? That I'm out of touch with reality in general?
Well. We'll leave those questions untouched for the moment. I'll forgive you just this once and reveal my little secret to you: I found out about OTR, as with most cool things musical, from none other than your very own self :) (After you roadtripped to Wheaton and saw them there, if I recall correctly. And I do.) Feel free to share any other little musical secrets that you're keeping from me.