12 March 2008

A song for Reb. Mary

I found this cheery little ditty running through my head the night before #4 was induced and did my best to distract myself from panic during the drive to the hospital by putting CSPP words to it. I hereby dedicate it to my friend and yours, Reb Mary.

Just before the battle, Mother,
We are thinking most of you
While in cyberspace we're watching
With your baby coming due
Comrades brave are round you blogging
Filled with thoughts of home and God
For well we know that on the morrow
You may have a pea ex-pod.


Reb. Mary said...

You never cease to amaze me. Truly. :D

A catchy little ditty, indeed.

My favorite part is the "pea ex-pod."

Rebekah said...

Ha! Dad didn't appreciate that nearly as much as he should have. He seriously does not get how brilliant I am.

Rosie said...

I also really liked the pea ex pod line. Classic!