19 February 2012

So sorry to bore you

To everyone who kinda likes this blog but gets tired of all the baby junk: you're not the only one, genius. Please understand that I do not feel bad for you at all.


Mary P said...

I really enjoy hearing about all the "baby junk" on this blog. It's the multitude of dirty diapers in my own home that get a little monotonous :-)

Cathy said...

The baby junk--your words, not mine--is fine. It helps Moms fight the good fight, reading how someone else is also at home changing diapers and cleaning up messes, and fighting to keep their thoughts right. Also, it gives my puny brain some breathing space, in between your more sophisticated, intricately woven, Latin infused, and esoterically witty theological and cultural arguments. So, thank you. :)