08 October 2011

Word to the unwise

Dear kid,

If you're going to write on something on which you should totally not be writing (such as a book or the couch or someone's pants), write something other than your own name.

Love, Mom


Gauntlets said...

Just this very day, I noticed that a certain four-year-old scratched letters on the dining table top. However, she scratched MY name, and at my place. How sweet.

William Weedon said...

Dear Sib,

Sorry she fell for it. I'll use another sib's name next time.

P.S. My sister-in-law had the EXACT same experience - assuming the above isn't correct.

Rebekah said...


Elizabeth said...

Also, said child should disguise their handwriting. Even 5th graders who write on bathroom walls (and should know better) can't seem to figure that one out. Cause it's not like I've graded every English paper you've written this year.

Anonymous said...

Ha, my 5 year old wrote his name on the table because he didn't want his friend sitting at his spot!!

pekoponian said...

Boy #2 at our house has carved his name into the mantle and 2 vehicles, written it several times on his closet wall, and wrote the alphabet down the basement steps.