05 October 2011

I'm waiting to be impressed

When is TV going to make cleaning up the kitchen as hip as it made cooking?

I really don't care how great this tastes. Where are my sink and counters?


McDermotter said...

I find that watching decluttering shows help motivate me, though. Hoarders helps me get rid of stuff for example. The one year we had cable, there was a show on BBC America called How Clean is Your House. It motivated me to clean because I didn't want my house as nasty as the ones on there.

Melrose said...

My problem with gourmet recipes like that is not only the mess, but, seriously, that would feed my left pinky! I NEED FOOD!!!!! :D But that could be the belly speaking.

Leah said...

Melrose- It's plenty of food... if you make the other 17 courses that go with it!

Leah said...

Rebekah - maybe you and I ought to get some cute little aprons on and start a show - Hip Housecleaning - or - Mothers of Six Rock In the House. I mean how could anyone one watching not think cleaning (and having six kids) is awesomely hip after seeing us? Right? No??? (Okay, we can wait till after you have the baby.)

Rebekah said...

:D You girls are great. Leah, I'm particularly encouraged to hear from a sixer that cleaning will in fact resume sometime before the baby learns to read . . . ?

Melrose said...

Leah, :D I guess that explains the super messy kitchen...or I could just order an extra large pizza... :D

Katy said...

That "gourmet" dish looks like leftovers left in fridge (or counter!) so long something grew out of it.

All I've wanted for 8 weeks or so is a clean kitchen and all those too-small/out-of-season clothes all over the upstairs hallway packed away. That is my mental to-do list every. single. day.

lol @ Mothers of Six Rock in the House

Melrose, how does my kitchen get messy(er, filthy?) EVEN WHEN WE HAVE PREMADE MEALS AND CARRY OUT for 7 days straight?

Also, a cooking show with 3 toddlers standing on chairs next to the cook would be AWESOME and very exciting. A sink should be very close, too,for the 20-month-old's amusement.

elizabeth said...

I could maybe make those things, but I couldn't make them look like that. I'm definitely NOT about presentation.

Katy - a sink for the 20 month old is a must for our house too.

McDermotter - Hoarders has motivated me on several occasions, but it makes my husband a bit of a hypochondriac. (He thinks he's a hoarder - he's just disorganized and doesn't know the difference.)

The Mama said...

Is it terribly lame that my children and I pretend we are on a cooking show at times?
It is?

Oh, good. I thought so.

Melrose said...

Katy, sigh, I'm still trying to figure that one out for myself! why must convenience food tempt me so?!