01 March 2011

For naptime or bedtime

No particular reason; just that it's one of the most fascinating articles I've ever read.


The Rev. BT Ball said...

Naptime or bedtime? Do you want me to have nightmares, I got through page one and quit!

DestinyP said...

Keep reading! The article was fascinating.
"Why do certain psychopathologies arise, seemingly out of nowhere, in certain societies and during certain historical periods, and then disappear just as suddenly? Why did young men in late-nineteenth-century France begin lapsing into a fugue state, wandering the continent with no memory of their past, coming to themselves months later in Moscow or Algiers with no idea how they got there? What was it about America in the 1970s and 1980s that made it possible for thousands of Americans and their therapists to come to believe that two, ten, even dozens of personalities could be living in the same head? One does not have to imagine a cunning cult leader to envision alarming numbers of desperate people asking to have their limbs removed. One has only to imagine the right set of historical and cultural conditions."
Thanks for the link. I was unsure of why you were posting this at first but reading it in its entirety was insightful.
To take the point further, as Christians we are told to be sensitive and tolerant of so many things- another influence of our times. Psychotherapy, drugs and acceptance are handed out like candy and to suggest a possible root in sin is bigoted and hateful. To use solutions like "Christ" and "repentance" is naive and ignorant. I'm not saying psychiatry and drugs are never needed but I do believe sin does not receive enough credit!
Christ have mercy.

Melrose said...

DestinyP, brilliant. This article was amazingly insightful.

MooreMama said...

My first thought was "wierd." Then I couldn't stop reading. Fascinating.

Rebekah said...

:D Skip to page 6, Rev BTB. (Naptime or bedtime for not-much-other-computer-time types.)

DestinyP said...

One more thing... My husband brought this up after reading the article and I thought it was thought-provoking.

Best line - "What it suggests is that an identity can be built around a desire. The person you have become may be a consequence of the things you desire."

The Bible discusses this in regards to idolatry - Psalm 115:8 Those who make them become like them; so do all who trust in them.

And let's face it many of the desires in this article have become gods for these people.

Also, Dr. Korby noted in a lecture that as sinful humans we hate our bodies....

lisa said...

And again:

“All mortals tend to turn into the thing they are pretending to be.”

Screwtape Letters

Kind of makes one want to burn the Disney Princess memorabilia, doesn't it?

At least with the amputation the change is visible on the outside.

Untamed Shrew said...

Page 6 IS fascinating, and I think he's right. I've been noticing it since my teens, how the more attention we give to something "abnormal" (fatness and homosexuality come to mind), the more prevalent it becomes. There is nothing new under the sun, and within each of us lies the desire for attention--even if we get that attention via self-destructive behaviors.