15 March 2011

More from Emmanuel Press

What will Emmanuel Press think of next? Take a look at these cards. Perfect for notes from Pastor (I know my husband writes a lot of them), Easter greetings without bunnies, and baptisms/baptism birthdays for godchildren, niephlings, and your local cradle roll. If you've got a candidate in the works, you can also convert the baptism cards to invitations with a downloadable template from the EP website. Order online or pick some up at the Gottesdienst conference in Kansas City this week.

(And let me just say while I've got you here that Seed-Grains of Prayer is fantastic and I hope to do a full review sometime, and no, Emmanuel Press is not paying me for all these commercials. They just keep putting out really good stuff.)

1 comment:

Katy said...

These are great! I have been looking for good cards FOREVER! (And where has Emmanuel Press been all my life?)